Composite insulator has what unique structure

by:Mings     2020-05-09

our composite insulator applications are a very good power of electric power industry equipment, the use of it are all have their own unique structure, in its work, work with some of his own premise, small make up next will be with you to learn more knowledge of products. Composite insulator is one of our many products are very good power equipment, two basic role it plays in the overhead transmission lines due to various electrical and mechanical stress caused by the failure, environmental and electrical load conditions change will run life. Damage to the use of the whole line and the aging cause such as mechanical and electrical. Aging process in wet conditions, as the actual natural pollution each line uv and creeping discharge degradation caused by road creeping discharge will occur. At the beginning of the degradation as opaque and cracking surface discoloration. These changes increase the surface roughness, leading to impurity accumulation rate rise. The corona discharge and surface may produce corrosion, an umbrella group of cracking or piercings. Won't even be severe corrosion of silicone rubber insulator flashover occurs, will make the water seepage or glass fiber core rod exposed to air, cause the mandrel and umbrella skirt interface damage. After the long running cannot guarantee its service life.

the content of the above is our knowledge of composite insulator is introduced, its unique performance determines its working condition and working effect. Because of time, today we went to introduce here. If you are interested in our products, you can feel free to contact us.

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