Composite insulator in structure and application characteristics of transmission lines

by:Mings     2020-05-10

is a special kind of insulator, composite insulator and the product is in use of low-pressure overhead distribution lines are very much, through the special processing of raw materials, in the process of use has played a very important role, so you know for this product? Next we detailed understanding about the product on the characteristics of the structure and application of transmission line is? Of composite insulator in low pressure has played a very critical role of overhead transmission lines, the general situation and the products are all of high density polyethylene as the main resources produced by machining, played a anti aging want to call a fast, can according to the different USES of the product is made of all kinds of low voltage insulator, and compared with the traditional insulator on the product to reduce cost, convenient for construction personnel special, can effectively improve efficacy. And in the process of using, its damage rate is almost zero, a very prominent effect, ability to adapt is very strong, but in the process of played a better safeguard, is a very ideal product of low voltage overhead distribution lines, the product has many advantages, in the process of running has a lot of value, improve the efficiency of the project, ensure the normal operation of the construction and implement, down engineering cost and expense, and in the midst of transmission lines, in the process of operation, because long-term cell phone electricity load or the rain the sun is the case, can have the effect of insulation, reliable effect. Above on the structure and application characteristics of composite insulator in transmission line of relevant information, to be here to share, through the introduction of the related, for this product are more and more knowledge and understanding, if you have any doubt, can call site of the calls for more consultation and understanding, also can come to our company for visiting and investigation, we will welcome you visit.

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