Composite insulator insulation materials classified introduction - The running characteristics of composite insulator insulation materials, TV resistance of silicone rubber coating of composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-07
The main insulation composite insulator are ethylene propylene rubber, room temperature vulcanizing ( RTV) Silicone rubber and hot vulcanization ( HTV) Silicone rubber. Including ethylene propylene rubber easy to crack, easy to produce tracking and electric erosion, easy degradation, but excellent hydrophobic ( HC1 to HC2) ; RTV silicone rubber has excellent hydrophobic (HC1 to HC2) , resisting filth and degradation performance, mainly used for the hollow insulator, but tracking and electrical erosion resistance worse than HTV silicone rubber, less operation experience; HTV silicone rubber composite insulators have prominent degradation resistance, resistance to tracking and electric erosion, loss of sex, hydrophobic, antifouling property, flame retardancy, ozone resistance, uv resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature resistance and electrical mechanical properties, etc. , has been gradually replaced by other composite insulation materials widely used in electric power system in our country. Ac and dc lines in China demand of composite insulator in about 20 ~ 2. 5 billion yuan, substation and pillar and hollow composite insulator on the demand of about 3 ~ 500 million yuan. HTV silicone rubber composite insulator used effectively curb the pollution flashover accident in our country, greatly reduces the operation maintenance, cleaning, zero detection has become one of the effective ways to solve the problem of pollution flashover *; In the early 1980 s, our country has developed the HTV silicone rubber composite insulator; 1985 - In 1990 in the Beijing and tianjin, shanxi, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, gansu, hubei, henan, land use, 2000; Is now in the new 500 kv, 750 kv, 1000 kv ac and 500 kv dc line batch even broadly used in engineering, as of October 2006, SGC use the 2. 18 million lines with HTV silicone rubber insulator, the use scope includes 10 - 1000 kv ac overhead line with composite insulator, transformer substation with pillar and hollow composite insulator, 500 - 800 kv dc overhead line with composite insulator, converter station with pillars and a hollow composite insulator of RTV silicone rubber coating composite insulator running characteristics in hebei, gansu and other places in China in recent years, operation of RTV silicone rubber coating aging resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance degeneration, adhesion, hydrophobic and low temperature properties, physical properties, electrical properties, mechanical properties were studied. The results show that the physical properties of RTv silicone rubber, hydrophobic and hydrophobic migration is good, and good hydrophobic than HTV silicone rubber composite insulator; But there are easy peeling, cracking, brush discharge, hydrophobic and hydrophobic transference decline, short service life, About 5 years) Wait for a problem. Every performance compared to the HTV silicone rubber gap is larger, but the persistence of silicone antifouling flashover dope ( PRTV) Insulation, physics and chemistry, such as ice and ice off technical performance to achieve even greater than that of HTv silicone rubber technical performance, operational experience has shown that the service life of RTV silicone rubber in China are generally 5 - 10 years, PRTV silicone rubber can reach 15 - For 20 years. PRTV solid mass fraction of silicone rubber, dielectric strength, volume resistivity, arc resistance, tracking and electrical erosion resistance, hydrophobic, tensile strength and breaking elongation, tear strength, deicing technology parameters, such as significantly higher than the RTV silicone rubber. 【 On a message: the types of insulator, transmission line requirement for insulator 】 【 The next message: composite knowledge and working performance of pin insulator 】
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