Composite insulator mandrel and umbrella

by:Mings     2020-05-07
Composite insulator mandrel and umbrella set of composite insulator ( Or composite insulator) Compositein sulator composite insulator by at least two insulated parts: namely the mandrel and the umbrella cover, and with metal accessories such as composite insulator can be made of each single umbrella skirt is installed on the mandrel, umbrella cover can have also can not at this time; Or, umbrella cover whole or can be divided into several parts, mold or casting on the core rod directly. 3. 2 composite insulator mandrel thec oreo fc ompositein sulator mandrel is internal insulation of composite insulator, is designed to ensure its mechanical properties, core rod is usually made from glass fiber impregnated in resin, * 3 large tensile strength in order to achieve. 3 mandrel diameter cored iameter mandrel diameter refers to: the circular high voltage insulator section mandrel diameter is its geometry; The noncircular cross section mandrel is an A / 2 A, A cross sectional area. 3. 4 composite insulators umbrella and umbrella skirt ( Called the umbrella set) Housinga NDS hedso fa c ompositei nsulator umbrella cover is external insulation of high voltage insulator, and used to provide the necessary creepage distance protection core rod is not affected by climate. Made of insulating materials in the middle of the umbrella cover is part of the umbrella cover. 3. 5 the interface of composite insulator interfaceso fa c ompositor interface is composite insulator surface between the different material or different parts. In most of the composite insulator has many interface, such as: & ndash; The interface between glass fiber and impregnating resin; — The interface between the filler particles and the polymer; The interface between the mandrel and the umbrella cover; Umbrella cover between each part; Between the umbrella skirt, or umbrella and umbrella skirt interface between; The umbrella cover, the interface between the mandrel and metal accessories. 【 Composite insulator note 】 a message: 【 The standards on the next message: composite insulator 】
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