Composite insulator mandrel - mechanical creep characteristic The cause of creep mechanical composite insulator mandrel, composite insulator and hv insulator, hanging

by:Mings     2020-05-06
1. Introduction of composite insulator was developed in last decade line insulator, its peculiar antifouling performance has become a power system, such as using more insulator products, has obvious economic benefits and social benefits. Operation process of composite insulator, in addition to the long-term bear the weight of overhead conductors and the natural environment factors outside the wire produced by static load, also often by the breeze in overhead conductors formed on the vibration produced by the effect of dynamic load. When overhead conductors breeze vibration appear * big Angle, dc composite insulator FRP rod connected to the hardware in the emerging and transition part of the * key stress, although less than the allowable stress of mandrel. But because of the overhead conductors breeze standing wave produced by vibration frequency is high, the continuous time is long, must make the mandrel and * of the key parts of the hardware connection, produce mechanical creep. In order to verify its mechanical creep degree, guarantee the safe operation of the composite insulator. * should according to the first composite insulator FRP rod materials into state, analysis of the composite insulator mandrel in static load superposition vibration load mechanical creep characteristics. Then according to the actual circumstance of lines in the process of running, and find out the parameters of the composite insulator creep test, in order to better verify the stability of the composite insulator mechanical creep performance. 2. Composite insulator mandrel mechanical creep characteristics support and commitment of composite insulator mandrel, by & Phi; 10µ M or so of glass fiber bundle cylinder leaching by pultrusion curing epoxy resin. Using the fiber in the process of molding mandrel cylinder ideally to arrange is hexagonal, but due to the fiber bundle with small diameter and the surrounding adsorption resin, the mandrel in the fiber distribution will appear is quadrangle arrangement and random distribution. 。 All arranged inside the composite insulator mandrel between fiber cylinder have some strong resin layer thickness of the net. 。 Composite insulator mandrel this kind of material composition, most of its tensile load of rods is 20 times by differ with resin elastic modulus of fiber to withstand, the bending deformation of composite insulator mandrel must have quite a part of the resin. Composite insulator by overhead conductors during the operation of the wind vibration and the vibration of the form, in a composite insulator mandrel and transition part of the hardware is formed by bending stress, on an existing mandrel prestressed with mechanical connection, will appear in the surface of the cylindrical mandrel symmetrical place, also with the vibration frequency and vibration at the bending stress and alternating. If the composite insulator in mandrel and machine vibration transfer area on the surface of rods appeared * big bending stress, in its core rod section on the upper part will gradually appear to zero by large bending tensile stress. And in the lower part of the composite insulator mandrel section is produced by zero gradually become * big bending stress. Vibration when the composite insulator in its core rod vibration in the operation process of resin fixed fiber formed by cylindrical mandrel, there will be mechanical creep phenomenon. * first for by millions of root very long fiber cylinder pultrusion impregnating resin curing process, makes the all fiber fracture strain is unlikely to be. If, in the mandrel with hardware parts is on the core section of the fiber in the long run under static stress, bending stress and vibration effect and fracture, their stress transfer through the resin layer on the adjacent fibers, adjacent fibers in local area quite high stress, resin layer yield will moderate fiber fracture caused by stress concentration, damage will be limited within a certain range is not rapid development. Longer duration of vibration and static load fluctuation, the other parts of the fiber is also likely to fracture, damage will be limited to the local area, the damage is random distribution, increase gradually, gradually expand, when accumulated to a certain chengdu, its core rod section appear creep phenomenon. Second, composite insulator, vibration in the transition part of the core rod section stress concentration of fiber resin layer to produce alternating between shear and compression effect, make the fiber and resin bond section of individual cylinder stress trap forming microfracture. The micro cracks along the fiber direction in the resin layer form crack extension. As the composite insulator vibration will further extend the time of crack expansion, will make some fiber fracture, so go down for a long time, will cause its core rod section appear creep phenomenon. 【 On a message: the selection of composite insulator vibration creep test parameters 】 【 A message: under high voltage insulator voltage distribution measurement method 】
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