Composite insulator manufacturing process types

by:Mings     2020-05-11
Type 1 composite insulator manufacturing process. Single umbrella set bond plus flowers set of baohua and vertical glue type: outside the mandrel die sheath, introduced to the room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber bonding good umbrella series, the gap of vacuum pumping polymer filling adhesive, after sealing end connection hardware to complete production. This kind of technology is an early, working procedure, dispersion, the glue technology is difficult to guarantee the batch production of more than 220 kv voltage class the plumpness of composite insulator. Because of the core rod deflection, glue small aperture, mandrel contact with umbrella series lining prone to side groove jams, cause local insulation defects without filling glue. 2. Extruded sheath add stick umbrella disc: the composite insulator mandrel after play wool processing brush adhesive through crowded charter sheath, after vulcanization has been secondary vulcanization and the good pieces in the machine wear umbrella umbrella flash with room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber adhesive, after end connection hardware, sealing treatment is complete. The technique, high production efficiency, due to the domestic squeeze machine outlet temperature is low, the mandrel and bonded sheath depend mainly on secondary sulfide, scattered disk with sheath bonding surface is small. 3. Block or an injection into forms: composite insulator mandrel after playing handle brush MAO binder, the injection moulding machine in the mold in injection molding. High voltage grade of high voltage insulator to block after injection molding, the secondary sulfide, hardware connection seal after finish. The mandrel and the sheath of this process is hot lotus root, a good bonding effect within only a layer of insulation interface, interface, is a new technology of production. 【 Composite insulator production craft 】 a message: 【 The next message: composite insulator manufacturing techniques 】
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