Composite insulator material characteristics

by:Mings     2020-05-09
1 silicone sheath and characteristics of the silicone sheath sort is various, but the silicone rubber together mainly used in the electrical industry only high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber ( HTV) , liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) , room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber ( RTV) Three broad categories. The production of silicone rubber at home and abroad and many mixing rubber company. Mixing rubber, silicone rubber and sulfur and variable characteristics, tracking resistance, tensile strength, elongation, deformation of * *, hardness, tear strength and electric breakdown strength, volume resistivity, hydrophobic, anti-aging, such as material properties were tested to study, the basic characteristics of its raw material can reach the indexes of the standard. High voltage insulator of hydrophobic, tear strength, tensile strength, elongation, resistance to deformation of * *, volume resistance, and other general performance than domestic products. Different kinds of silicone rubber feature is different, also have the characteristics of their craft. In electrical erosion resistance, weather resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation ability, H, Iv is better than V. Such as silicone rubber leakage corrosion resistance, press GB6553 - in our country 5 - Level 5. High temperature vulcanization silicone rubber ( HTV) Must be in a certain temperature, pressure and time to vulcanization molding, and must undergo secondary sulfide. The liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) Under the 150 ℃ with small clamping force, can be completely within 10 s and 40 s secondary sulfide sulfide and don't have to. So, LSR is characteristic of flow performance is good, easy to injection, rapid prototyping, electrical properties can meet the requirements, process performance is good. 2 glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation pipe insulation and technical characteristics of the composite insulator supporting mainly depends on the insulation pipe, its material is glass fiber reinforced plastic. According to the technical requirements of form a complete set of electric products is different, the design can choose different material of glass yarn or fiber glass fabric, impregnated resin adhesive material of different grades, different recipes, adjust the winding process or dipping process, to obtain the required mechanical properties ( Such as the axial and circular tensile strength, compression strength, elastic modulus, etc. ) Or corrosion resistance, temperature resistance. Composite insulator insulation pipe manufacturing process method is usually used glass yarn wet spiral winding or with glass cloth ( Silk) Rolling, and with vacuum impregnating resin, its basic requirement is must have excellent mechanical properties and electrical performance, good resistance to chemical corrosion. For different USES the insulation of the pipe with the special requirements of different, its requirements are as follows: ( 1) Contact with SF6 arc decomposition of circuit breaker pillar casing, bobbin wall should be wrapped a layer of corrosion resistance of the epoxy polyester cloth lining layer. ( 2) Used for circuit breaker arcing chamber casing, on the inner wall of the nozzle discharge stream area should be ptfe lining a layer of high temperature resistant lining layer, and to inherit the circuit breaker open circuit when the arcing chamber from the moment of high pressure, high temperature air ( Ms level) Shock, to ensure that the tube wall from burning. ( 3) Used for inversion type SF6 or oil-immersed transformer casing, because within under high pressure and bending at the same time, should choose good pipe internal pressure strength and rigidity. ( 4) Of high mechanical performance requirements, the insulation of the pipe diameter, high stiffness should choose vacuum impregnation epoxy glass fiber pipe fittings. 【 On a message: composite insulator technology dynamic 】 【 The next message: what should be paid attention to high voltage insulator in the lines 】
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