Composite insulator metal accessories process requirement

by:Mings     2020-05-06
Composite insulator metal accessories process requirement composite insulator metal accessories is an important component of the composite insulator, used to connected to the Eiffel Tower or the conductor. Composite insulator metal attachment generally use galvanized steel and must have the appropriate extensibility to connected to the mandrel. Technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules must be symbol of JB/T 8178 and the relevant provisions of the JB/T 9677. In addition to the stainless steel of all iron metal accessories should be in accordance with JB/T 8177 'insulator metal accessories galvanizing layer general technical conditions' for hot dip galvanized. Composite insulator metal accessories all the surface should be smooth, no sharp corners, burrs or irregularity case caused by corona. Such as forging shall be no cracks, thin layer, scar, wrinkled skin, silver, etc. Before the end fittings galvanized, all burrs are carefully removed, does not reduce component size, accord with a standard to ask. Under normal operation conditions, the composite insulator metal accessories visible corona voltage should be within the allowable values. Composite insulator metal attachment size should comply with the provisions of GB/T 4056. The composite insulator installation equalizing device according to design requirements, the equalizing device materials should be used aluminum or aluminum alloy. Locking pin steel foot and the connection of the steel composite insulator should be equipped with reliable open rack locking device, 220 kv and above should be R ( Hunchback) Pin. Locking pin should be able to maintain in the position of locking and loosening, and should be the end of the two separate to prevent it from inside the steel cap out completely. Locking pin should accord with the requirement of JB/T 8181. Locking pin should be used in austenitic stainless steel, brass, tin bronze corrosion resistance or other materials, anti-corrosion surface is should not be used and itself is not corrosion resistant materials, and supply of complete sets of composite insulator. In separate the end of the locking pin to 180 degrees, and then back to its original position in the visual inspection should not appear crack. With metal accessories connection with mandrel pressure welding processing should be adopted, Crimping process) Make the metal accessories mechanical load evenly transfer to the mandrel. Metal accessories and sheath should be * * sealed, the connection part between the atmosphere and the isolation of must take special seal structure of special processing, in order to effectively prevent moisture and impurities to enter for a long time. Its permeability test should comply with GB/T 19519 7. Article 4 and 5. 3, 5. The provisions of article 4. Metal accessories connect the design shall ensure that the ideal stress distribution. Crimping process acoustic emission detection method must be used with other effective means of quality control tests, put an end to end connection overvoltage and undervoltage problems. Pressure welding galvanized layer of metal accessories in composite insulator metal accessories shall comply with JB/T 8177 general technical conditions, hot dip galvanized layer and pressure welding parts ( Including pressure and border areas) The galvanized layer can not have defects such as peeling, delamination, crack or zinc. Such as pressure or move hardware, mandrel outsourcing materials, performance, size, appearance and processing technology should be strictly management and into the factory inspection. When outsourcing is not the same, must be test and destruction test ( Including pressure welding parts autopsy) New * better suppress procedures and control parameters, and the final validation report ( Autopsy color photo attached) 。 Composite insulator metal accessories can scoop out according to the operating pressure to original records for quality tracking. Long-term preservation of records should be documented. Mark each composite insulator should mark factory name or trademark, manufacturing date, rated voltage, rated mechanical load and the product serial number. Mark card should adopt anaglyph moulded or with more good manufacturing process. Information source: http://www. fxbw4。 Com/lightning protection pillar insulator 【 On a message: composite insulator trial note 】 【 The next message: design and manufacture of composite insulator 】
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