Composite insulator normative reference file

by:Mings     2020-05-06
The terms of the composite insulator normative reference file the following documents become the standard by the reference of this international standard. Every note date reference documents, its all subsequent modification single ( Not including errata content) Or the revised edition are not applicable to this standard. However, according to the agreement of the parties of this standard are encouraged to study whether can use the * new version of the file. Anyone who doesn't note date reference documents, its * new version is applicable to this standard. GB 3 11。 1 high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment insulation coordination ( NBQE EC6 0071 - 1:1 993). GB/T 5 2 8 heat vulcanized rubber or plastic rubber tensile stress-strain performance measurement ( eqvI SO3 7:1 994) GB/T 5 2 9 determination of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic rubber tear strength ( Shape, rectangular shape and crescent sample. ) ( eqvI 34 - '94). GB/T 5 31 rubber hardness tester in the hardness test method (pocket IDT ISO7 619:1986年) GB / T 7 7 5。 2-1987 test method for insulator part 2: electrical test method of GB/T 1 April 08. 1 solid insulation test of power frequency electric strength test method for ( eqvEE C6 0243 - 1:1 988). GB/T 1 4 46 fiber reinforced plastic performance test method for general 1 6 GB/T 92 vulcanized rubber insulation resistivity measurement of GB/T 4 0 56 high voltage line suspension insulator connection structure and size, egvIEC6 0120:1 984) GB/T 5 1 test method (34 electrical insulation tamper NEQA STM 0349 - 1978). GB/T 92 nominal voltage higher than 58 l000v overhead line of communication with composite insulator & ndash; Definition: test methods and acceptance criteria ( 第一O M 61109 EC D:1992年) GB/T 6 5 53 in harsh environmental conditions using electrical insulating material tracking resistance and electrical erosion resistance test method ( N情商我EC 6 0587: 1984) GB / T 096 3。 1 pultrusion of glass fiber reinforced plastic bar tensile properties test method of GB/T 1 3 488 rubber performance to determine the vertical combustion method ( NEQI EC6 0707:1 981) GB / T 927 6。 Part 1 high voltage test technology * : general test requirements ( egvIEC6 0060 - 1:1 989). DL/T 6 0 2 ac electrical devices over voltage protection and insulation coordination of DU T 8 0 to 1 2002 and 500 kv dc bar hanging composite insulator technical conditions DU T 8 1 2 is higher than the nominal voltage 1000 v overhead line insulator string power frequency arc 8 59 OU T - test method 2003 high voltage ac system using artificial composite insulator contamination test JB/T3 56 7 high voltage insulator radio interference test method for DL/T 864 - a - 2004 high voltage line with JB/T 5892 organic composite insulator technology conditions JBfr insulator metal accessories galvanizing layer 8177 general technical conditions JBfr suspension insulator iron cap 8178 technical conditions of JB/T 8460 high-voltage lines using bar type suspension composite insulator dimensions and characteristics of JB/T 9677 disc suspension insulator steel IEC 61109 feet higher than nominal voltage 1000 v ac overhead line with composite insulator & ndash; Definition, test methods and acceptance criteria' On a message: high voltage insulator terms and definitions: 【 A message: under different high voltage insulator wiring specification 】
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