Composite insulator of unknown reason flashover analysis and processing method

by:Mings     2020-05-12
Composite insulator of unknown reason flashover analysis and processing method for composite insulator causes of unknown reason flashover * * has been constantly and research and analysis, key in the condition of the different situation, the author analyzes the reasons of concrete, timely for unknown reason make important reports and records, ensure that in the future to make important decisions and analysis of the accident. Composite insulator in use will often appear certain reasons, lead to can't normal in the use of insulation performance, lead to significant damage from electrical equipment. For composite insulator, unknown reason flashover, the composite insulator researchers and transmission line operation, production management personnel confusion. All provinces have reported unexplained composite insulator flashover of transmission lines and records, * * so far a total of four unknown reason flashover transmission line composite insulators, of which 220 kv1 times, 110 kv3 times. Is one of the insulator, composite insulator has good insulation performance, with its high strength, light weight, impact resistance, dirt resistant performance is good, cleaning cycle is long, and even not cleaned, and the advantages of simple structure, easy to install, is widely used in transmission lines, and generally run in good condition, and achieved some experience. Composite insulator used in the line system, in use with good insulation performance, can play an important role and value in use, as well as plate type suspension insulator, composite insulator has its own weaknesses, such as brittle fracture, loss of hydrophobic, unknown reason flashover and so on. Transmission line composite insulators is unknown reason flashover occurs commonly in the spring and autumn season sunny haze or light of 5 ~ 6 o 'clock, who wear surface flashover trace is sex. Under the condition of moderate uncleanness, the operation of the composite insulator impact resistance strength will be higher than the clean damp resistance values, even under heavy impurity only falling down little or no. This feature is considered to be due to the effect of impulse voltage operation time is not enough to the dry zone is formed on the insulator show, or how much wet dirt layer to improve the voltage distribution along the insulator string. Applying impulse voltage on the polluted insulator only, it does not reflect the actual operation of the insulator. Actual operation, except in some special cases, polluted insulator under the long-term working voltage, due to the heating effect of the leakage current, dry area had formed in the insulator surface, and this was not the insulator surface state of the long-term effects of working voltage, the extra impulse voltage, insulator flashover process is different. 【 On a message: what is the wind partial jump line insulator and windbreak 】 the advantages of partial jump line insulator 【 The next message: suspension insulator quality inspection method of introduction 】
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