Composite insulator packaging and transportation matters should be paid attention to

by:Mings     2020-05-11
Composite insulator packaging and transportation matters that should be paid attention to, 1) Composite insulator should have good moistureproof, antivibration, rust, security protection measures, such as to ensure the safety of composite insulator, arrived at the scene and not be hurt by these reasons make the composite insulator. ( 2) Composite insulator should be above 330 kv voltage class using the size is suitable for the cylinder, rainproof, rat for packaging, end cover on both ends should be solid and reliable. ( 3) The packing of the composite insulator should have enough strength to bear at the scene of the transport, storage and installation in the process of handling. ( 4) Packing box should be equipped with the appropriate buffer action to prevent in the process of transport and handling damage or deformation, all these materials should have chemical stability, waterproof and should not adhesion in the composite insulators, also should not be in a composite insulator during outdoor JiCun have corrosion on the composite insulator. ( 5) In order to ensure the security of the goods to arrive, all the packing should be correct, clear and firm. 【 On a message: production process and product characteristics of composite insulator 】 【 Under a message: the choice of high voltage insulator equalizing ring method and correct installation position 】
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