Composite insulator, porcelain insulator, glass insulator of comprehensive technical and economic comparison

by:Mings     2020-07-04
Composite insulator, porcelain insulator, glass insulator curator sea, the comprehensive technical and economic comparison of guangzhou power bureau Chen Xiong one, XiaoDingHui, Yuan Youliang in this paper, the composite insulator, glass insulator and porcelain insulator performance and running conditions are compared, and a wide range of using composite insulator is discussed some problems that should be paid attention to and glass insulator, it is concluded that the new high voltage line should be used when the conclusion of glass insulator and composite insulator. Keyword composite insulator, glass insulator, porcelain insulator, line operation, technology is l officer at present, the use of high voltage overhead line insulators are porcelain insulator, glass insulator and composite insulator three categories. Porcelain insulator has many years of operating experience, reliable operation, but with zero value detection problem and poor antifouling performance; Glass insulation in more than 30 years of operating experience, particularly in the 80 s, a large number of use, the glass insulator on effect is good, the operation maintenance convenience, deeply user welcome; In the early 90 s, get more extensive use of composite insulator, guangzhou power grid from 1991 began using composite insulator, operating experience shows that it has a series of porcelain and glass insulator incomparable advantages, such as high strength, light weight, easy installation, good disorderly, zero pollution resistant and approximate maintenance-free advantages. Using composite insulator, first of all, effectively curb the pollution flashover, large area pollution flashover accident in north China in 1990, the composite insulator string flashover and guangzhou power supply bureau after several heavy corrupt line hang composite insulator, over the past few years, there was no pollution flashover. In addition, the use of composite insulator has been significantly reduced maintenance workload. 。 。 。 。 。 (
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