Composite insulator surface distribution of material structure

by:Mings     2020-04-24
External insulation composite insulator surface is mixed good external insulation materials, rubber in the fixed mold cavity shape, by heating, vulcanizing and become, the surface texture structure and internal structure of the material distribution is different, if the random distribution of white carbon black reinforcing agent particle surface part, because of the white carbon black reinforcing agent for the surface hydroxyl and structured remover hydroxyl silicone oil in the middle of the action, reinforcing agent of silica particles surface there are quite a siloxane molecules, the thickness of the outer surface normal conformation of siloxane molecular activity chain segment and organic base of header are numerous siloxane end of the free state, the surface layer randomly distributed particle size corresponding special large aluminum hydroxide and a few other filler particles, the surface with adhesive orientation arranged two dimensional linear siloxane molecules and the intermolecular cross-linking points, there can be no molecular activity chain segment and rarely exist siloxane end of the free state. With corresponding particularly large particle size of aluminum hydroxide and a small amount of filler particles on the surface of the other state, due to finalize the design the mould heating, vulcanizing process and colloidal siloxane molecules factors such as liquid, it is impossible to the surface of molding the outer material particles bump phenomenon, has the potential to particles at the top and silicone rubber material surface is parallel to the state.
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