Composite insulator technology and the trend of the development process

by:Mings     2020-04-29
Composite insulator technology development process and trend of silicone rubber composite insulator technology development trend of the insulator as one of the important equipment of transmission line safe operation, its technical performance get attention of the electric power operation departments and manufacturing. Data show that the composite insulator failure rate is one over ten thousand in 2008, although the data suggest that the level of domestic composite insulator quality reached new heights, but insulator core technology still need further development. To this, this research institute experts invited its electricity technology development trend of composite insulator in China were discussed. Power grid to promote the rapid development of the composite insulator industry developed rapidly, the silicone rubber composite insulator manufacturing technology in China in the world * * level. Rough statistics, the composite insulator, which has more than 100 manufacturing enterprises, but only 10 of market leading enterprises. And, as a result of silicone rubber composite insulator manufacturing level, quality management, there are large difference between operation conditions and the number of composite insulator used increase year by year, composite insulator flashover, damage accidents occurred in recent years, increasing, performance in flashover, mechanical strength, breakdown, brittle fracture, degradation and external force damage, etc. , greatly affect the safe and reliable operation of power grid, it suggests that on the silicone rubber composite insulator manufacturing technology also exists some problems remain to be research. Composite insulator technology development process until the 1990 s, domestic basically is given priority to with porcelain insulator, glass insulator dosage is less, and the composite insulator was still in the stage of development. Bar suspension insulator began after 1995 into the practical phase. Since then, several years of double composite insulator access number. Especially after 2001, injection molding, pressure sealing type connection, a variety of forms such as measure key manufacturing technology matures, and accumulated a lot of successful operation experience, provided an opportunity for the application of composite insulator, made of composite insulator in China in solving the problem of transmission line insulation outside pollution flashover in polluted areas * as one of the effective methods. After 2004, 300 ~ 550000 cattle products have been successful research and development, gradually dominate domestic products, leading the world the development of composite insulator manufacturing technology. With the widely application of the bar hanging type composite insulator, transmission line pollution flashover accident decline year by year, safe operation reliability increase gradually; And substation equipment made of hollow porcelain insulator due to the difficulty is big, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the use of ultra-high voltage power equipment. To solve this problem, the use of the composite silicone rubber on successful operating experience. In 2004, domestic hollow composite insulator, composite post insulator, composite silicone rubber increase climbing skirt began in 110 ~ 550 kv substation equipment on a large number of use, and to curb the pollution flashover accident has played an important role. With silicone rubber composite insulators in the operation of the transformer substation application and achieved good effect, substation equipment composite external insulation advantages and trend of increasingly prominent. Substation busbar type door frame in and out of line at all levels of resistance to a string, such as the jumper and dangling chain gradually use bar hanging composite insulator; Second, all kinds of substation equipment, including transformer, circuit breaker, lightning arrester, transformer, reactor, isolating switch, combined appliances, cable terminal, wear casing wall, such as bus bar pillar extensive use of silicone rubber composite insulator. With silicone rubber material composite structure has changed the traditional porcelain external insulation structure, some new technologies for the high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment. Composite external insulation substation equipment technical superiority, economy, reliability has been widely recognized, replace the hollow porcelain insulator and solve the polluted area substation equipment with porcelain insulator pollution flashover, fracture, explosion and other issues of a new generation of products. 【 Composite insulator process characteristics 】 a message: 【 The next message: high voltage insulator hardware 】
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