Composite insulator technology developments

by:Mings     2020-05-09
1 composite insulator technology dynamic composite insulator product development and manufacturing technology at home and abroad can long-term dynamic composite insulator under electric strength depends on the effect of silicon rubber coat, insulating tube itself, and the end, coat, insulation pipe accessories and the reliability of the interface between different parts of the coat. Therefore, the main component parts in the assembly process is key technology of the product. According to the process is divided into: (assembly way 1) A single umbrella suit type * the process method for domestic early method of high voltage insulator production process. Because of its low dispersivity of the bonding quality and efficiency, so the process is not suitable for mass production. But as a result of mold equipment investment is small, so the process as long as to improve the interface bonding process, to ensure the quality, the production of small batch more varieties of products. ( 2) Umbrella skirt and jacket packing type of the process is for a single umbrella directly outfit process defects, in order to ensure the reliability of silicone rubber and insulating pipe interface improved process method. This process is outside the insulating tube extrusion wall thickness of 2 mm - 3 mm silicone rubber sheath, and then the independent production of high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber umbrella of adhesive on the sheath. This technology overcome the disadvantages of the above process, the advantages and the process is the basic consistent. ( 3) Casting and injection into a type of the process equipment, mould investment big, suitable for mass production, especially in the injection molding technology. At present, use the process method of special production equipment have: ( a) For our country introduces the use, production ll0kV ~ 5 ookvsf6 transformer with composite insulator. This equipment has the advantage that you can use * small mold cast people produce large composite insulator. The disadvantage is that the equipment investment is large, the production efficiency is not high, and can only use RTv as raw materials manufacturing products, and RTv silicone rubber anti-aging, good weather resistance than HTv, reliable service life of 7 - commonly For 10 years: the RTv can reach more than 2 o years of service life effectively. ( b) HTV silicone rubber injection moulding machine the equipment for the production line equipment is generally used to suspension insulator. Major foreign manufacturers have a French REP MAPLAN corporation company DSM, Germany and Austria. China's Taiwan and the mainland have similar equipment manufacturers. The characteristics of the equipment manufacturing technology is: great investment of equipment and mould, high production efficiency, low comprehensive cost, stable and reliable product performance and quality, to mass production. Its disadvantage is not easy to manufacture large composite insulator. ( c) LSR liquid silicone rubber injection molding production device the device is composed of liquid silicone injection system and the clamping device, the major manufacturers for 2 km company in Germany. This advantage is to use liquid silicone good liquidity, if don't need big mold force, short curing time, such as large composite insulator can one-time injection molding products. The downside is the equipment investment is big, LSR rubber cost is high, the production of the product price is expensive, not easily accepted by users, also is not easy to meet the demand of market protean varieties specifications. 【 On a message: high voltage insulator running. 【 The next message: composite insulator material characteristics 】
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