Composite insulator technology improvement

by:Mings     2020-05-09
Composite insulator technical improvement of the composite insulator only more than 10 years of operating history in China, the technology is not very mature, users also gradually found it on the design and manufacture of some defects, limits its competitiveness. Manufacturers, if can in the following three aspects of the effort, will certainly to win more users. 1 to speed up the product technology innovation, prolong the service life of the silicone rubber material is weaker than porcelain key, this means that will change as running a variety of stress and aging. Its life expectancy is difficult to assess, it is not clear long-term reliability, the composite insulator fault detection more difficult. Performance is high voltage insulator material formula, the result of mutual influence product design and manufacturing process. Manufacturers to preparation materials scientifically, fully considering the material formulation and product design, the mutual influence between and try not to use in the manufacturing process easily degradable materials, reduce the aging to the * low limit, strengthen the long-term reliability of composite insulator. 2 to reduce raw material consumption, reduce the production cost of silicone rubber raw material cost is much taller than porcelain, with the base polymer material mix fillers and additives, not only reduces the cost and enhance the performance, and ease of production. Due to their high mechanical strength of the fiber glass rod or pipe, polymer materials and high breakdown voltage, core rod or core tube size can be smaller than the porcelain body or a much smaller, the umbrella skirt can be done very thin, and composite insulator material consumption, relatively much smaller than the porcelain insulator, composite insulator of the high cost of raw materials, so even if the insulator the cost of the product can also be like porcelain insulator, and even lower than the same voltage level of porcelain insulator. 3 added a series of products, perfect after-sales service, we need to work quickly to develop series products are applicable to all kinds of complicated environment, and the composite insulator leave enough margin, even to design personalized mandrel, hardware, umbrella skirt sheath and adhesive layer, can guarantee the quality of products. Research and development as soon as possible can effectively detect aging equipment and method of insulator, reduce the difficulty of maintenance of line, improve labor productivity. In addition, manufacturers don't exaggerate promotional product performance, mislead users; Can in the construction of technical barriers, in a brief instruction, increase an authoritative inspection process procedure, in order to improve the user use skills. To strengthen the promotion products, good after-sale tracking service. Electric line suspension insulator antifouling flash is an old topic, just as a prism, reflecting the idea renewal problems in the development of electric power enterprises. A new perspective of application of composite insulator, antifouling flash opened a new door. Now, by improving the maintenance and maintenance methods, the introduction of good technology, change new insulator, only wise to benefit from the light, it has been confirmed by many electric power enterprises. 【 On a message: suspension insulator technology and installation 】 【 Next message: various types of high voltage insulator and classification 】
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