Composite insulator test matters needing attention

by:Mings     2020-04-29
Composite insulator test note note: 1. Item 4 composite insulator try after steep wave impulse voltage test, boiled experiment was carried out, no longer allow only the product at both ends and the middle of the 0. 3m- 0. 4 m within the scope of segmentation to carry on the positive and negative polarity impact each 25 times. After steep wave impulse withstand voltage test, the mechanical damage should be load test, check the product mechanical failure load of dispersion and strength margin. 2. Sheath * small thickness inspection, after the sample (s) composite insulator for mechanical damage of composite insulator in good part, each composite insulator take three section, open section mandrel * small thickness of sheath 330 kv mandrel * small thickness of sheath shall be not less than 3. 0 mm, 500 kv mandrel * small thickness of sheath shall be not less than 4. 5mm。 As a qualified. 3. GB/T 19519 7. Article 4, and other should be Penetration, within 5 min after the end of at ambient temperature & throughout; Instead & other; Under the environment temperature, infiltration within 5 min after start & throughout; 。 4. Be recorded in the original record supply scope of product serial number and the number of sampling the sample (s) composite insulator. 5. Dispersivity of the mechanical load destruction test shall meet the following requirement: the average collapse load minus three times the standard should be greater than the rated mechanical load. Sampling test to determine and repeat test procedure sampling test adopt piece secondary sampling scheme, the determination and repeat test procedure shall be in accordance with GB/T 1951 information source; http://www。 fxbw4。 Com/composite insulator 【 On a message: high voltage insulator different type testing 】 【 The next message: technological requirements of composite insulator metal accessories 】
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