Composite post insulator in when installation should pay attention to the problem

by:Mings     2020-05-12

engaged in power engineering construction of the people believe that everyone is not strange for composite post insulator. It is our often applied to electric power equipment of electric power industry. Our company produces the product variety is very complete, can satisfy the needs of different customers. Is the content of the below small make up will take you to learn more knowledge of the product. The development of electric power industry is very rapid, so we have to all kinds of electric equipment application is more and more. And composite post insulator is one of our many electric power equipment, and its application to work for our electricity has brought the very good protection. And we need to be aware of when installing the problem is very much, increase the creepage distance is made from glass or ceramic, the creepage distance along the surface of the insulating distance call discharge distance is leaking. Insulation performance of toughened glass insulator is constantly deteriorating, unable to meet the requirements of antifouling and composite insulator. That lead to its impact and its accuracy is low, the insulation of the whole transmission line operations staff levels. Can be found in the field patrol, don't need a bar examination, greatly reduce the workload of operations, the stability of the porcelain insulator is good. Formed by high temperature vulcanization mixing silicone seal structure umbrella cover, also equipped with a pressure ring, has good hydrophobic, the anti-fouling performance is good. Need to surface treatment cleaning on a regular basis, in combination with considering cost. Through our knowledge of the composite post insulator, believe that all of us for the product have more understanding. Our products have very good quality. So I can work well in our power for application. If for the products you are interested, you can feel free to contact us.

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