Composite post insulator products excellent performance

by:Mings     2020-05-18

the use of the power equipment is very broad, including composite post insulator is our factory main production and sales of a product, its performance is also very good, and the below small make up will bring us all to know about the composite post insulator this product, hope can let everybody know more this product.

composite post insulator additives in synthetic material to add other ingredients, make its product performance can get a bigger change, the strength of the composite post insulator, light quality, can effectively reduce the strength of the tower, reduce the intensity of installation and maintenance, and save a lot cost. Because the rod core has a high tensile strength composite insulator can do a very light. Its anti-aging performance is also very good, has the very good corrosion resistance, still resilient in under 70 degrees Celsius, can be long-term work under 20 degrees Celsius. The summary insulator material surface is hydrophobic, who present granular is not easy to form a conductive path in the above plus composite insulator umbrella plate of small diameter, large distance, high surface resistance and leakage current small so have higher lightning pressure. Due to the material of insulator, small volume, light quality, and umbrella plate has a flexible, not easily damaged, so to bring great convenience transportation, installation and maintenance.

the content of the above is the small make up today to introduce the knowledge of composite post insulator, we introduce here today, and the quality of the products we produced are very reliable, performance is very stable, if you want to learn more product knowledge, can call advisory contact us at any time.

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