Composite post insulator suitable for the temperature of the surrounding environment

by:Mings     2020-05-17

composite post insulator by insulation parts and metal accessories processing, and so on the use of electric power system is very much, the general situation in all conditions of normal work. And in the processing of the transmission line, or a substation location, demand for this product is very large, so today we want to know is about the product suitable for the temperature of the surrounding environment? Now we know the specific. Composite post insulator used in the additional voltage 6 for 6 ~ 35 kv indoor plants, or are the sites of substation, is through the insulation and conductive parts of the fixed can achieve better living standards and requirements, at the same time, the temperature of the product is used in 40 ℃ below zero to 40 degrees centigrade. Installed in height can't more than 1000 meters above sea level, at the same time its plateau type will not be able to more than 4000 meters, the product in the processing of the power line has very good effect, is take an umbrella with stents and in-depth is home and dictionary the iron cap casting iron feet, and therefore has a very good bear ability, also has the very good resistance to bending performance, the production of the product is very simple, the cost is very low, when the construction personnel for installation is very simple and convenient, reducing their height, and widely used among different power line, can rise the insulation endurance level is very low, and needs combined with wooden cross arm. Composite post insulator is suitable for use in the environment temperature of 40 degrees below zero to 40 degrees centigrade. In the filth of the different area has different interface design, to be able to reach a certain standard, has played a very reliable and stable effect, so we can rest assured to use this product, in the process of use has great use value and function.

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