Composite post insulator technical characteristics

by:Mings     2020-05-12
Composite post insulator technology characteristics of modern large power plants, generator outlet and auxiliary power closed busbar, adopted by the pillars are made of porcelain insulator. From the overall structure, can prevent larger foreign body into the enclosed bus enclosure, but we can not effectively prevent sand, dust, cold and hot air. Pillar insulator surface dirt, resulting in enclosed bus in forming a conductive film easily after wet air, the degree of insulation have fallen sharply, even close to zero value. There are serious accidents that directly affect the normal operation of the unit. In the early 1980 s, Europe and the United States and other developed * * run the generator enclosed bus parts, now out pillar porcelain insulator. Instead, the new type insulation material synthesis of high voltage insulator. According to China's large and medium-sized power plant in running, enclosed bus revealed the following undesirable phenomena. A, enclosed bus in the design and manufacture, to give full consideration to the effective use of space, generally use indoor, built in post insulator. Electric porcelain with built-in cast iron parts, the outside temperature changing, thermal expansion, cold coefficient is different, easy to cause burst post insulator. Moreover parent letter often stop, sending, affected by the electric bus vibration, vibration often makes the post insulator, metal parts fall off. Dielectric strength reduced. Second, post insulator of common indoor plant with the insulator, than creepage distance is not enough, can only be run under normal conditions, insulator under closed condition during the installation, operation, job, temperature is charged will be produced, at a stop sending, form cold, hot air invasion, not out, insulator are prone to moisture absorption, condensation, forming a conductive film on the surface. Especially in bad weather, more show than creepage distance is insufficient, dielectric strength is reduced, sometimes to zero value ( Plateau, especially the high concentrated salt fog area) , extremely easy to pollution flashover discharge, seriously affect the normal machine. 1, the post insulator characteristics. ( 1) Creepage distance; Adopt a new technology of forming, is a 20 - porcelain insulator 50% times; ( 2) Mechanical strength: it is 3 times of the porcelain insulator; ( 3) The physical and chemical performance is stable; Aging, degradation: by anti-aging instrument test qualified. ( 4) Power frequency withstand voltage: all condition plateau antifouling mother post insulator, hydrophobic, strong hydrophobic transference, self-purification, electric performance characteristics. Forming a conductive film porcelain insulator surface after flooding, dare not to do the pressure test, and whether the insulator soak in cold water, not dry, after boiling water or seawater with water can withstand voltage test, pressure value is 2 times of the porcelain insulator; ( 5) High degree of insulation: insulation value of up to 5000 m & Omega; ( Use 5000 v megohmmeter) More than one hundred times, it is the porcelain insulator ( According to * * standard KV/MΩ Computing) ; ( 6) Especially suitable for high altitude, high concentrated salt fog area, the effect is very obvious. Mould hot pressing a synthesis ( With both ends (hardware) New technology, mechanical strength, and toughness, solved the internal stress of thermal expansion, cold, and electric shock. And moisture absorption, condensation, no broken, no breakdown, dielectric strength improve more than one hundred times. The product has become the current electric power industry at home and abroad * optional * ideal composite insulator. Post insulator, but also in the limited space within the increasing creepage than 20 - 40%. The above products can prevent the cracking of insulator and falls off, creepage phenomenon of the metal, which can effectively prevent because of Yin, rain, fog, snow caused by moisture absorption, condensation, flashing, discharge, and other major accident anti-pollution products belong to all condition the plateau. Transform the original installation chassis, increase the screw hole waterproof convex sets, with magnetic metals ( Aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, etc. ) , the original sealers adopt silicon rubber, and the installation dimension unchanged. Comprehensive the above phenomena, causes and countermeasures to offer specific solutions. Effective guarantee the machine hooked up to the time and increase economic benefits. Compared with traditional porcelain insulator post insulator has the following advantages: 1, eddy current, circulation, reduce line loss, vibration. 2, insulating material has a distinct from static, hydrophobic, hydrophobic mobility, no need to routine check, is never breakdown insulator. 3, reduce each composite insulator can leak sealing point 4. Each machine to reduce 3000 & ndash; 4000. Bolt hole increase rain convex platform, the rain could not enter. 4, creepage ratio increase 40 & ndash; 60%, the mechanical strength increased three times. 5, is particularly applicable to the plateau, high concentration of salt fog area. 6, don't need to invest the secondary reconstruction of trouble. 【 On a message: introduction of function and structure suspension insulator 】 【 The next message: classification of suspension insulator 】
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