Compound knowledge - pin insulator Composite pin insulator structure characteristics of composite pin insulator performance

by:Mings     2020-05-06
The relevant knowledge of compound pin insulator in the natural environment, composite pin insulator by nitrogen oxides and salts and granularity dust, deposits a layer of unclean surface gradually. When the weather is dry, the polluted insulator maintained a high insulation level, close when the discharge voltage and clean condition. When touching the fog, dew, the wet weather such as rain and melting ice and snow melt, composite pin insulator surface to absorb moisture, dirt layer of electrolyte solution, ionization, causing fouling layer conductivity increases, the surface of the composite pin insulator leakage current will increase. Pin insulator composite structure, the influence of the shape, size and pin type insulator surface fouling layer distribution and moisture degree of different factors, such as the current density of different sites of the composite insulator surface, results in the current density of large parts of dry band, the formation of dry zone prompted more uneven distribution of voltage on the surface of the composite insulator, dry zone under high voltage. When the electric field intensity is big enough, will produce glow discharge, which in turn generate local electric arc. Arc is likely to go out, also may develop. In order to prevent dust and other impurity in the insulator surface, forming pathway was breakdown voltage on both ends of the composite insulator, namely creepage. Therefore, increasing the surface distance, namely the creepage distance, the distance along the insulation surface discharge the leakage distance call creepage distance. Creepage distance = surface distance / * high voltage system. According to different degree of impurity and heavy impurity region generally adopts the creepage distance is 31 mm/kv. Compound needle insulator structure characteristics and work performance of composite insulator of basic properties including electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. In addition, there is resistance to the environment and aging performance. Composite pin insulator all adopt international * good cylinder head type structure, its characteristic is the head size is small. Light weight, high strength and creepage distance. Can save metal materials and reduce the cost of wiring. To meet the needs of the live working, on the brim adopt domestic traditional structure shape. In run by gravity, wind, ice and tension of the wire weight, composite pin insulator self-respect, wire vibration, equipment operation mechanical force, short-circuit electrodynamic force, the action of earthquake and other mechanical force. Relevant standards have strict requirements on mechanical properties of regulations. Composite pin insulator it is widely used in electric power system, generally belongs to the external insulation, work under atmospheric conditions. Overhead transmission lines, power plant and substation busbar and all kinds of electrical equipment of the external electric conductor must be made with the support insulator, and with the earth or other potential of the conductor insulation. 【 On a message: introduction of composite insulator insulation material classification, running characteristics of composite insulator insulation 】 【 The next message: pin insulator filth discharge 】 the cause and preventive measures
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