Copper clad steel round wire technology advantage

by:Mings     2020-04-14
Technical parameters: 1, the thin copper layer thickness of zero or more. 3 mm 2, the tensile strength of 600 or higher NMM 3, straightness error of 1 mm or less 4, copper layer: spent by the adhesion test, in addition to the jaws clamp jaw occlusion site in part of the copper layer peeling, combined with the rest of the copper steel is good, does not appear any stripping phenomenon. 5, copper layer plasticity: grounding rods ( Line) Inside and outside bend 30 degrees, Angle edge no crack phenomenon. Technology advantage: copper clad steel grounding round wire manufacturing technology is to use horizontal continuous casting, excellent electrical properties, excellent electrical conductivity, surface copper materials to make its own resistance is much lower than conventional materials. Unique and superior anticorrosive, due to the copper steel combined interface using high temperature welding, so no residues of joint surface there will be no corrosion phenomenon; Surface copper layer thicker, The average thickness is greater than zero. Corrosion resistance is strong, service life is longer than? 50? Years, can greatly reduce the labor intensity. This product is applicable to different soil moisture, temperature, PH value and under the condition of the resistivity changes grounding lightning protection. Commonly used as a roof parapet lightning protection zones and the vertical grounding and down lead upward, horizontal grounding connection, etc.
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