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by:Mings     2020-05-26
A significant advantage to choosing a Houston data center is the monitoring and controlling platforms utilized in the facility. These capabilities are usually not available at a business' in-house deployment. If a company does have these monitoring systems, the price may be much more costly than a Houston data center. At these data centers, power and cooling systems are monitored in real-time. This requires cutting-edge instrumentation and highly experienced personnel. All of the individual systems in the facility have built-in instruments that instantaneously transfer data to the control room. In the control room, data center staff can see a comprehensive view of the controls and sensors in individual components. Sensors monitor air quality, voltages, battery backup, and power distribution.Monitoring enablesefficient maintenance, easy reconfigurations, and additions of new or improved equipment. These methods at a Houston data center apply to the entire facility and extend to the client's servers and other equipment. Subsystems Temperature sensors - A network of individual temperature sensors tied together intelligentlyprovide a wealth of information at the facility level and at the server level. Airflow can vary widely in suites, racks and individual servers, so monitoring all of the levels allows for more precise controls and cost savings. Leak detection - Leaks from pipes and pumps can be disastrous for the environment, equipment, and cabling. Sensors installed strategically provide warnings so that Houston data center staff can act in a timely manner. Integrated communication with other monitoring systems provides even more intelligent monitoring. Network monitoring - Telecommunications monitoring detects disturbances in individual circuits and networks facility-wide. Used with other monitoring systems,data center management can improve equipment performance. In addition, monitoring allows Houston data center management to detect trends. They can then work with carriers to find and fix any lags or disturbances. Power and cooling sensing - Houston data center management can monitor power at all levels, from the top down to individual circuits and devices. Managing cooling processes is one of the most important tasks, as servers operate best at a stable temperature. Battery monitors - emergency back-up UPS systems and generators available at a top tier Houston data center provide the reliable uptime that businesses need. Battery monitoring provides transparency into the system, including events that may affect availability. As battery failure is a cause for system failure, monitoring batteries is of primary importance. Monitoring batteries provides useful data system-wide and encourages proactive practices. These are just a few of the measures that Houston data center staff uses to provide optimum and reliable operations. Monitoring at microscopic levelsmay not be feasible at a company's in-house IT deployment. These newtechnologiesprovide data center customers with a complete package and reliable uptime.
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