Dandong glass insulator high quality, low price

by:Mings     2020-07-09
< P> dandong glass insulator high quality, low price, power insulator co. , LTD. , independent research and development production, supply, pottery and porcelain insulator, glass insulator suspension insulator, composite insulator, such as post insulator products, models complete, the price is cheap, our company will provide customers with reliable products and thoughtful service, for details, please log on the Index. The HTML < / P> < P> the main large capacity, toughened glass insulator string uniform voltage distribution, the dielectric constant of 7 - glass 8, make toughened glass insulator have a large capacitance and the string of main uniform voltage distribution, reducing grounding wire side and insulator on the near side voltage, so as to reduce the radio interference, reduce the corona loss and prolong the service life of glass insulator, the purpose of running practice proves this point. In glass insulators under lightning burns in the operation of the new surface is still smooth vitreous, protective layer and have toughened internal stress, therefore, it can still keep enough insulation parts and mechanical strength. Occur repeatedly in a 500 kv line wire shoe disasters caused by ice dancing, after dance by the conductor of the glass insulator by testing, mechanical and electrical performance no attenuation. < / P> < P> < / P>
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