Detection of high voltage insulator on the job site and environment requirements

by:Mings     2020-05-04
Detection of high voltage insulator to the work site and environmental requirements of high voltage insulator, it is used to support the conductor insulation. High voltage insulator wires can be assured and cross arm, the tower has enough insulation. It should be in running wires under vertical load and horizontal pulling force. It also suffering from sun, rain, climate change and chemical corrosion. Therefore, insulator should not only have good electrical properties, and to have sufficient mechanical strength. The stand or fall of high voltage insulator for the safe operation of the line is very important. Charged low detection, the method of zero insulator has: method of measuring insulation resistance, ac/dc voltage, spark gap, interference measuring instrument method, high frequency transformer measurement method and infrared thermal imager to measure method, etc. High voltage insulator according to the structure can be divided into the post insulator, suspension insulator, anti-pollution insulator and bushing. Commonly used are used in overhead line insulator, pin insulator, butterfly insulator, hanging porcelain insulator, porcelain crossarm, rod insulator and taut insulator, etc. A fault has electrical properties of high voltage insulator flashover and breakdown. Flashover on the insulator surface, visible to burn mark, usually do not lose insulation performance; Breakdown occurs in the interior of the insulator, through iron cap and porcelain body discharge between iron feet, the aspect may not see traces, but has lost its insulation performance, can make insulator with produce arc completely damaged. For breakdown, should pay attention to check the discharge of iron foot marks and burn. Spark gap detection device because of its easy to use, the characteristics of low price, is more used to the work site. Its working principle is to use the existing distribution of measured in the operation of the insulator voltage whether the spark gap breakdown of the test bar can be as the criterion, to determine whether composite insulator degradation. Applies to 63 ~ 330 kv suspension insulator charged detection. Decades of operation and test data proves that the toughened glass insulator have long-term stability of the mechanical and electrical performance and longer service life. Anti-pollution glass insulator for larger creepage distance, only under the umbrella skirt surface increases a couple of deep edge to achieve ( Because of technology, cannot like porcelain insulator creepage distance by double or three umbrella umbrella) 。 When used in regions with severe dust pollution, because this bell deep edge umbrella self-cleaning, cleaning the inconvenience, poor ability of surface fouling under severe, causing pollution flashover resistance ability is greatly reduced. 【 On a message: suspension insulator quality detection method of the 】 【 The next message: should strengthen the management of the quality of composite insulator 】
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