Development and reform commission (NDRC) Du Ying: allow take the lead in conducting electricity price reform in guizhou

by:Mings     2020-07-20
Du Ying deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission on February 13 in response to reporters' questions that allow the guizhou province took the lead to carry out the reform of the electricity price. < P> Du Ying, according to 'speed up the development in guizhou has a special significance. Do face special difficulties in guizhou, so according to the requirements of the central, the file ( Editor's note: refers to the State Council 'about further promote sound and rapid economic and social development in guizhou the several opinions of the country is sent [ 2012] No. 2 file) Also fully embodies the guizhou special policy support, including the fiscal and taxation, investment, finance, industry, land, talents, support, etc. , these policies are relatively clear and gold content is high, according to the word is now a 'to' policy. For example counterpart support, only in provinces such as xinjiang, Tibet, qinghai Tibetan areas, some poor areas, according to the specific requirement of the prime minister, this time we are coordinating some cities in the east, in the future to one-on-one counterpart support a guizhou city state. Such as land policy, allowing the use of low hills gentle slope land for development, and then single to pilot plan indicators, such as allowing guizhou province took the lead in the reform of the electricity price. ' < / P>
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