Different types of cable accessories is introduced

by:Mings     2020-06-25

it is well known that the types of cable accessories have a lot of categories, that is what? The following AnWei cold electric power cable accessories manufacturer to introduce small make up to you.

a, heat shrinkable cable accessories

'memory' is also called heat shrinkable polymer shape material, mainly using linear polymer crystallization or half crystallization after high-energy rays or chemical crosslinking become 3 d mesh structure and has the shape of 'memory effect' new kind of functional materials, polymer crosslinked polymer elastic between the high elastic state, applied tensile force or after expansion, quenching state that lasts, material is the expansion deformation but has 'memory effect', when the temperature above the softening point deformation immediately eliminate immediately return to its original shape conditions of use: - 55 ~ 125.

heat shrinkable cable accessories structure and the main components, depending on the use place is divided into: indoor, outdoor terminal, terminal connector in the middle.

main components: indoor terminal branch gloves, stress pipe, indoor pipe insulation, sealing pipe, fittings, etc. ;

the middle joint main components: stress pipe, insulation pipe, semiconducting, protect casing, accessories, etc.

outdoor terminal main components: branch gloves, stress pipe, outdoor insulation, sealing tube, three Kong Yu skirts, puckering rain skirts, accessories, etc. ;

2, prefabricated type cable attached:

with silicone rubber injection into different components, a vulcanization molding, retain only the contact interface, insert them in the construction of cable and accessories made of. The construction process will be unpredictable adverse factors in the environment to reduce to lower levels, the attachment has the huge potential use value, therefore, is the development direction of crosslinking cable accessories, but manufacturing technology difficulty is high, involving a variety of disciplines and industries.

3, shrinkage cable accessories

cold type cable accessories materials is the use of high resistance to tear and high elastic silicone rubber excellent elasticity, with spiral tube plastic support material expansion of the original state of attachment to the technological requirements of overall dimensions, in place after the support material coils continuous smoke, rely on the rubber elastic tightly accessories apply on the cable, conditions of use: - 50-200.

cold attachment structure and the main components, according to different divided into use place: indoor, outdoor terminal, terminal connector in the middle.

indoor terminal main components: indoor terminal head, cold finger, cold insulation tube, cold sealing pipe, fittings, etc. ;

the middle joint major parts: the middle joint, armoured tape, waterproof tape, accessories, etc.

outdoor terminal main components: outdoor terminal head, cold finger, cold insulation tube, cold sealing pipe, fittings, etc. ;

4, cable accessories price:

decided the main factors of cable accessories price or the material of cable accessories, we AnWei electric power cable accessories, material can be divided into two kinds, one kind is PE material, another kind is silicone rubber material. PE material also is we often say the heat shrinkable cable accessories, silicone rubber material is what we call the cold cable accessories, these two kinds of cable accessories price comparison on the cold cable accessories price to heat shrinkable cable accessories price is much higher, because the price of raw materials will vary a lot.

cable accessories in addition to price has something to do with the material of it, and also has close contact with its specification. First cable accessories can be divided into 1 kv, 10 kv, 35 kv the three voltage level, the other factor is the same voltage grade, the higher the cable accessories price is higher, because the higher the voltage grade of its wall thickness is, the higher the cable attachment, a set of the inside of the accessories are different, the part inside the inside of the high voltage cable accessories accessories and much more.

in addition to these factors can determine the cable accessories price, there are other factors is the decisive factor of cable accessories prices, that is the specific number of square cable accessories, all other things being equal, the greater the square number of cable accessories the higher the price, of course, the high-voltage cable accessories also look at it is indoor or outdoor, outdoor cable accessories prices relatively higher than indoor cable attachment, because of the high voltage cable accessories than high voltage outdoor cable accessories to a kind of parts and components, is the skirt. Dress up the main function of the rain is the way in the case of the rain weather, can avoid the rain to cable accessories, joint influence the performance and usage of the cable.

for the type of cable accessories and the introduction of cable accessories price, small make up today as you said so much, if you have any questions, you can inquire.

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