Different voltage grade insulator piece number

by:Mings     2020-07-12

according to the formula: counting x> single insulator leakage distance present voltage grade 3. Number 2, so you can launch. Through this method calculated the number of pieces can meet the requirements. But around some standards and based on the actual situation is different, can hang 9 more. XWP3 - 7 insulator ( The insulator is not suitable for high voltage, for example, leak from 45 cm) Calculation of 750 kv voltage needed for 54 pieces. Perch on the suspension insulator string insulator number 35 ( 3) , 60 ( 5) , 110 ( 7) , 220 ( 13) , 330 ( 19) , 500 ( 24) Tension on the string of 1 ~ 2 more

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