Dimensional deviation of composite insulator technical requirements

by:Mings     2020-05-10
Dimensional deviation of composite insulator technical requirements unless otherwise specified, the composite insulator dimension deviation shall meet the following requirements ( D to check the size, in mm) :1) When d≤ 300: & plusmn; ( 0. 04 d + 1。 5) mm; b) When d> 300: & plusmn; ( 0. 025d + 6) Mm, * big deviation for & plusmn; 50mm。 Design and manufacture at least consists of two parts of the insulator, composite insulator mandrel and sheath, and metal accessories. Core mandrel is internal insulation part of composite insulator, used to ensure that the design of mechanical strength. Mandrel made from glass fiber reinforced resin rod, should have better performance of acid corrosion, appropriate USES acid mandrel. Core should be able to in a large temperature range under the mechanical load for a long time, at the same time should also bear the working voltage of long-term and short-term overvoltage. Injection process should be adopted high resistant WenXin rods. Mandrel shall meet the requirements of DL/T 864. Mandrel in longitudinal and transverse dielectric strength, glass content, moisture absorption, etc should satisfy the standard of strict quality control, and the dye penetrant test, water diffusion test should be in accordance with GB/T 19519 appendix D 5. 4. Article 1 and 5. 4. 2 of the ordinance. Jacket and umbrella skirt sheath is external insulation part of composite insulator, it provides the required creepage distance and protect the core from climate impacts. Umbrella skirt is prominent part of the sheath to increase the creepage distance. Below 220 kv voltage class mandrel * small thickness of sheath shall be not less than 3. 0 mm, appendix AQ/JDL 1 500 kv voltage grade core. 108 - 2006 great * small thickness of sheath shall be not less than 4. 5 mm, sheathed umbrella skirt is the same material. Jacket and umbrella skirt should be the overall molding ( Using injection or extrusion molding) 。 Composite insulator between sheath and core rod and the interface between the umbrella skirt and jacket should be * * of adhesive. Adhesive part should be highly dense, no air bubbles and cracks, in order to prevent the impurity content and moisture to enter, and bonding strength should be greater than the fracture strength of composite material itself. 【 On a message: composite insulator to the insulating sheath, an umbrella skirt material requirements 】 【 A message: under high voltage line insulator normative reference file have? 】
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