Disc hanging porcelain insulator manufacture process and function

by:Mings     2020-07-08

due to the variety of insulator, so the applied to the manufacturing process are also different, porcelain and porcelain bushing molding process is divided into wet and dry isostatic pressing forming.

in the early time is given priority to with wet molding process, the status quo of the development needs, to apply more by dry process molding process, porcelain and porcelain bushing is a bit of excellent mechanical strength, strong ability to resist earthquake, the disadvantage is that the overall structure of heavy, anti think, poor ability of fouling resistance, poor, the role of porcelain bushing is safe will door inside and outside the current transferring or connected to the power equipment.

the making craft of composite and composite post insulator bushing are similar, but hollow composite post insulator, with the increase of mandrel diameter end attachment to glue in process, low voltage grade composite solid pillar insulator relatively light changes, pollution resistance, pityriasis, think that destroying performance is excellent, but, because of the foam rubber filler, insoluble material itself defects and mechanical strength is not stable, so the composite post insulator used in transformer station and converter station and other power equipment support.

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