Discuss what are the advantages of composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-04-20
Composite insulator from the structure to the material is completely different from traditional porcelain or glass insulators, performance is also different from the distinctive features of porcelain or glass insulators, in summary there are the following: ( 1) Composite insulator used in the glass steel reinforced bars with axial tensile strength is very high, generally in more than 600 mpa, 5 ~ 10 times that of China, with the strength of the carbon steel is quite fine. In addition, the proportion of core material is only 2. 0 is much lighter than steel; The proportion of umbrella skirt material is less than 2. 0 and composite insulator can more easily create specified mechanical load the strength level of the hundreds of thousands of cows, quality only disc suspension insulator of 10% ~ 15%. Very high voltage line in a mountainous area construction and the accident emergency, synthetic insulation to the advantage of light quality, not afraid to fall, is popular among operation and construction personnel. ( 2) Belong to the composite insulator rod insulator structure, inside and outside almost equal polar distance, generally does not happen internal insulation breakdown, also don't need to detect zero maintenance work. ( 3) Composite insulators umbrella skirt sheath material is organic polymer material, low surface energy, strong hydrophobic. Fall in the water on the surface of the skirt are many tiny water droplets separated from each other, forming a continuous film without conductive layer, and leakage current is small, difficult to form the local electric arc, it is not easy to occur along the surface pollution flashover. Because the mandrel intensity is high, the suspension insulator rod diameter and umbrella diameter is much smaller than the porcelain insulator string, the shape coefficient is big, on the surface dirt and surface conductivity under the same conditions, also the surface resistance is higher than shape coefficient of the porcelain insulator string. Insulator pollution lightning has a direct relationship between pressure and surface resistance, surface resistance is big, small leakage current, corresponding lightning pressure is high. Laboratory test results and running experience has confirmed that the composite insulator pollution flashover performance is high, the pollution flashover accident happens rarely. ( 4) Easy operation maintenance. Impurity cleaning the pollution flashover performance is high, don't have to, and not to detect zero value, the current domestic all kinds of voltage grade of composite insulator are not traditional, heavy cleaning and zero maintenance, greatly reduced the maintenance work.
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