Drop type fuse sending steps

by:Mings     2020-04-16
1, high pressure drop type fuse three-phase operating sequence. Power operation, should first pull mesophase, after both sides phase. After the first phase on both sides, when sending mesophase. Power failure to pull in the first phase of the reason is mainly considering the phase than edge cut off when the current phase ( Turn circuit part load borne by two phase) And small arc, on both sides without danger. Operating the second phase ( Edge phase) Drop type fuse, the electric current is bigger, and at this point in the phase has been opened, the other two drop fuse are far apart, can prevent the interphase short circuit arc prolong. Encountered strong winds, according to first mesophase, draw in leeward, finally pulled the wind in order to power outages. First close the wind photograph, when sending us back again phoenix phase, the final mesophase, this will prevent the wind cause short-circuit arc. 2, distribution transformer stop transmission operation in order: in general, power failure should be pulled low voltage switch of the load side, then open the power supply side of the high pressure drop type fuse. In the case of more power, power outages in the above order, can prevent the transformer sending, in case of failure, protection may refuse to move, to extend the time of fault removal, extend the accident. From the power supply side for sending operation step by step, can reduce starting current impact, Load) , reduce voltage fluctuation, guarantee the safe operation of the equipment. Can be tripping immediately in case of defective, or stop the operation, to facilitate the transmission range check, judgment and processing. Power failure to stop the load side, from low to high voltage power step by step sequence of operation, can avoid the switch to cut off the larger power flow, reduce operating overvoltage of the amplitude, frequency. Operation to avoid loading and drop type fuse, fuse together if found loading error in operation, even if wrong, even arc, also will fuse is not allowed to open. In case of loading the wrong fuse, the moving contact, just left the fixed contact arc occurs, should be closed immediately, can eliminate the arc, prevent accident expanding. But such as fuse is fully opened, not promised to pull the fuse by mistake again. For distribution transformer capacity of 200 kva and below, allows the high side of the fuse points and load current. 3, the operator at the beginning of the pull and drop fuse or at the end, can not have shock. Impact will damage fuse, such as the insulator break, crack, the duck mouth against partial and operating ring pull away, broken off, and so on. Staff in the falling type fuse points, closed operation, don't too hard and impact, in order to avoid damage to the fuse, and points, must be in place. The process of alloy fuse is slow ( Start) — — Fast ( When dynamic contact near static contact) — — Slow ( When the moving contact head near by the end of the closing) 。 The process of pull fuse is slow ( Start) — — Fast ( When dynamic contact near static contact) — — Slow ( When the moving contact head near a switch at the end) 。 Fast is to prevent cause electrical short circuit and arc burns contact, slowly to prevent operation impact, fuse mechanical damage. 4, operating personnel in the open drop type fuse, voltage grade must be used for, after test of insulation lever, wear insulated shoes, insulating gloves, insulation cap and the eyepiece or standing on the dry wood, and someone care, in order to protect the personal safety.
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