Electric porcelain insulator car into shape

by:Mings     2020-07-10
Car into shape is suitable for all rotator shape of blank shape, such as rod insulator and forming of casing. Way processing when placed ware, car into shape can be divided into vertical ( Car) And the horizontal ( Car) Take two. Here to discuss the repair of the car are blank water within the scope of the plastic water, also often referred to as wet. Car into shape method is also suitable for the moisture content is lower than the range of plastic water body shape, such as the moisture content is extremely low isostatic pressing blank forming. Car into shape is not, strictly speaking, in the true sense of molding, because the car into the shape forming process is mainly determined by the use knives cutting function on the body, rather than relying on mud pie plasticity forming. But it's also completely wet into shape has nothing to do with the plasticity of the sludge, mud pie in plastic state, after all, can greatly reduce the forming cutting resistance, forming no dust, tool wear is also very small.
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