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by:Mings     2020-07-01

electric power company as an authoritative cable accessories manufacturers, production of high-voltage cable accessories have a lot of classes, small make up to introduce to everyone here, hope to be of help.

cable head have terminal head, head, middle has the branch of outdoor and indoor, with high pressure of low pressure points.

dry bag type cable head generally used in low voltage cable, insulated plastic tape winding for dry cable head.

high voltage cable terminal head indoors without doing aproll ring, outdoor type must have aproll ring. Power cable terminal head dry bag and thermal shrinkage, in what the actual construction joints to paraphrase what Buddhism joint quota.

the practice of cable head has dry bag type ( The material such as wrapped with tape) , casting type ( With epoxy resin, such as special die casting) , heat shrinkable type ( Special suit pyrocondensation material) , cold type ( Special cold material) And so on;

pouring type cable head generally used in purchasing high voltage cable head, he is a complete set of finished product mould, in place of insulation glue is formed after pouring type cable head. Liquid or pouring head type cable terminal is used to heat a liquid after insulation materials as the main insulation terminal, pouring in field assembly good casing, commonly used in 10 kv and below cable in the terminal of the paper.

cold cable terminal is the use of elastomer materials ( Commonly used with silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber) Injection of vulcanization molding in the factory, then through hole enlargement, lined with plastic screw support constitute parts of various kinds of cable accessories. On-site installation, the pre expansion woolly, in after processing, the end of the cable or tapping out internal support article plastic screw ( Support) , the pressure on the cable insulation and cable accessories. Because it is in the room temperature by elastic retraction force, rather than the heat shrinkable cable accessories to use heat shrink, commonly known as the cold shrink cable accessories.

the heat shrinkable cable head general general purchasing products in high and low voltage cable head, he is to use heat shrinkable tube and heat set backed down step by step, gradually in place of roasted the heat shrinkable tube burner and retreating, heat shrinkable tube and hot hand set of hot will tighten after see cable head. Heat shrinkable cable terminal head commonly known as heat shrinkable cable head, is widely used for up to and including 35 kv voltage levels of crosslinking cable or immersion cable terminal. Compared with the traditional cable accessories has small volume, light weight, safe and reliable, easy installation, etc. Products comply with GB11033 standard, use for a long time for - temperature range 55 ℃ ~ 105 ℃, aging life for 20 years, radial shrinkage rate 50% or higher, the longitudinal shrinkage rate & lt; 5%, the shrinkage temperature to 110 ℃ ~ 140 ℃.

the place on put together is narrated, cable accessories has been widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, especially in power cable head more, if you want to get more cable accessories and attachment cable terminal, cable intermediate joint related information, please contact us through the website homepage consult customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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