Electrical performance, voltage distribution ( Dielectric properties) Will influence the life of the insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-07

in the first place, in the standard under the action of shock waves, the glass insulator electric breakdown strength of about 1350 ~ 1700 kv/cm, about 3 of ceramics. Eight times, even if many times with the head wave steepness great shock testing, although all are atmospheric flashover, breakdown, but the glass insulator body still has not been proved that the glass insulator from this point won't be breakdown by the thunder and lightning, thanks to the excellent electrical performance of glass insulator.

second, is the voltage distribution, due to the material of glass insulator dielectric constant is big, make it has a large capacity, main string voltage distribution more uniform, and it's the first piece of voltage is lower than the first piece of porcelain insulator, thereby reducing step radio interference, reduce the voltage loss, prolong the service life of glass insulator, but also improve the glass insulator string flashover voltage.

in the end, is the material of porcelain insulator has nearly hundred years of operating experience, can be gradually replaced after its ageing, however, as the long run, it will increasingly serious aging, and while a glass insulator will, but much more slowly than porcelain insulator.

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