Electrical porcelain, glass and composite insulator performance comparison - The advantages of composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-03
Electrical porcelain, glass, and the performance of the composite insulator compare electric porcelain or glass material is the many kinds of atoms in the body by the ionic bond through electrostatic forces together, so the stability of the electric porcelain and glass is very good. This also means that these two kinds of electrical porcelain and glass materials have high surface energy, high thermal momentum, so the material surface has a strong ability of absorption of moisture. In other words, easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp wet electric porcelain or glass surface. For electric porcelain or glass insulators, in order to damp the dirt of the environment conditions can still make the surface of the insulator have higher resistance, you need to make the leakage of high voltage insulator have relatively large distance and the structure of the complex shape. Electrical porcelain and glass are very dense material, the proportion of larger, so the electric porcelain and glass insulator is very heavy, the compressive strength of these two kinds of material are higher than the tensile strength. But these two kinds of material are brittle material, to handle with care in the transportation and installation, to avoid breakage. The advantages of composite insulator composite insulators umbrella group of sheath material is to use organic materials, compared with inorganic materials such as electric porcelain or glass, organic molecules of a material element is through covalent bond, the combination of elements between the key and the weak force, constitute of macromolecular organic material is easy to break, so in corona discharge, ultraviolet radiation, be affected with damp be affected with damp, under the action of temperature variation and chemical factors, easy to aging organic insulating materials. Composite insulator of electric performance and mechanical performance will gradually decline as the running time, and the performance degradation is unrecoverable. If the materials to some performance degradation is recoverable, known as the fatigue; Performance degradation is irreversible, is called aging. All high voltage insulator material aging, but different material aging speed vary greatly. Although electric porcelain and glass also have the problem of aging, but due to the aging speed is very low, does not become a serious problem in the running, so rarely discuss the ageing problem of electric porcelain or glass insulators. Under the action of composite insulator in the voltage and the external factors, aging is a serious problem, so the use of composite insulator in the discussion of issues, aging is a topic often mentioned. An electrical relevant search: high voltage insulator composite insulator lightning protection pillar insulator wind partial jump line insulator suspension insulator high voltage surge arrester fall arrester over-voltage protector' On a message: high voltage insulator terms] 【 The next message: PRTV coating the antifouling mechanism of high voltage insulator 】
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