Electrical supervisor will: thermal power denitration electricity price policy should be perfected

by:Mings     2020-06-28
Power plant air pollutants emission standards published by the ministry last year, has now officially began, in line with the standard implementation of the National Development and Reform Commission, the late thermal power denitration electricity price subsidies, decided to denitration device for installation and normal operation of coal-fired power plants, per KWH above 0. Eight points. Widely expected, up to 300 billion yuan of the thermal power denitration market 'banquet' will officially open seats. < P> however, electrical supervisor will recently released from the study of denitration electricity price policy and Suggestions ', according to a survey report, so far in the electrical supervisor will focus on research in several provinces, have been put into operation denitration unit capacity coal-fired units installed in the proportion of less than twenty percent, and the provinces denitration facilities operation rate is lower. As the costs of denitration cannot bear, power plant operation and denitration facilities enthusiasm generally is not high, the actual denitration efficiency and environmental protection in the proposed target vary a lot. < / P> < P> denitration unit is less than twenty percent < / P> < P> according to the itu estimates, is expected by the end of the 12th five-year national thermal power capacity will reach 1 billion kilowatts, and environmental protection 'power plant air pollutants emission standards' requirements, to 2015 domestic has run and all new thermal power unit should install flue gas denitration facilities, in order to realize the 12th five-year plan outline of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides should be the overall goal of 8% and 10% respectively. < / P> < P> however, the report suggests that the current national thermal power installed capacity of 700 million kilowatts, of which only about 100 million kilowatts of denitration units, including the denitration facilities is about 85 million kw synchronous construction, technical transformation with denitration facilities is about 15 million kw. Key research provinces has been put into operation denitration unit capacity of 55. 65 million kilowatts, coal-fired units installed percentage was only 16. 15%. < / P> < P> according to the report, the largest proportion of the national total capacity of seven state power group, denitration unit capacity is not ideal. As of August 2011, has been put into operation the denitration unit capacity of 73. 06 million kilowatts, accounts for about 17% of its capacity of coal-fired units. < / P> < P> costs differ with subsidies larger < / P> < P> for reasons denitration unit proportion is not high, the report pointed out that the power plant denitration cost cannot bear, operations denitration enthusiasm generally is not high, on average, actual denitration efficiency at about 70%, that with the previously proposed by the end of the 12th five-year thermal denitration efficiency up to 80% differ a lot. < / P> < P> according to the report, through the comprehensive consideration of thermal power units with denitration equipment construction costs and operating costs for two part preliminary estimates, synchronous construction denitration facilities of the total cost of about 1 unit. 13 / KWH, adding denitration facilities, technical unit total cost is about 1. 33 points per kilowatt-hour. This obviously and the National Development and Reform Commission of 0. Eight points per kilowatt-hour subsidy standards vary a lot. < / P> < P> the report recommends that the future should be to improve the denitration electricity price subsidies, such as according to the specific programs in place to implement price increase year by year, rather than a one-time premium; At the same time, we should distinguish between coal and project type is new or modified denitration facilities, to set the different electricity price subsidies. So, can fully consider different ways of denitration cost difference, will be conducive to the old unit. < / P> < P> in specific electricity price subsidies standards, the report suggests that future synchronous construction denitration facilities increase 1 unit. 1 cent per kilowatt-hour, while adding denitration facilities, technical above 1. Three points per kilowatt-hour. < / P> < P> in addition, the report also suggested that except through a certain income subsidies for price policy should also through the nox emissions to reduce the pollutant discharge fee and other cost, use price policy and environmental policy compensation denitration cost together. < / P>
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