Electricity manufacturer to introduce you to the cable use requirements

by:Mings     2020-07-17
1. Cross each other cable, high voltage cable should be at the bottom of the low voltage cable. If one of the cable in the intersection before and after 1 m within the scope of pipe protection or separated by partition, the minimum allowed distance of 0. 25m。 2. Cables and heat pipe is close to or cross, such as heat insulation measures, parallel and cross the minimum distance of 0 respectively. 5 m and 0. 25m。 3. Cable and rail or road intersection should wear protection, protection tube should be 2 m out of track or road. 4. The distance between cable and building foundation, should be able to guarantee the cable buried outside the building aproll; Cable entry building should wear pipe protection, protection tube should also be beyond aproll outside buildings. 5. Directly buried cables and general earthing device grounding should apart between 0. 25 ~ 0. 5米; Directly buried cables buried depth, generally should not be less than zero. 7 m and shall be buried under the permafrost. Protection with the rapid development of electric power cable engineering buried, put forward higher requirements to cable protection, cable protection sleeve is using polyethylene PE and high-quality steel pipe after sand blasting pretreatment, blasting jinsu or coating, heat curing process. It is to protect the wire and cable is one of the most commonly used electrical insulating tube. Because of high insulation, chemical stability, no rust, not aging, can adapt to the harsh environment and has been widely applied. Use cable to protect casing protection cable can achieve the following advantages: 1, good corrosion resistance, long service life and can be used in humid salt field. 2, good flame retardant, heat resistance, can be use for a long time in temperatures of up to 130 degrees and not deformation, fire doesn't burn. 3, high strength, high stiffness. Use under the driveway buried without concrete cover, can roll cable engineering construction progress fast. 4, cable protection sleeve pipes and pipe fittings all have certain flexibility, can resist outside pressure and damage caused by foundation settlement. 5, have good outside interference resistance. 6, inside sleek, not scratch the cable. Design USES the connection mode of socket type, convenient installation. Add rubber seal joint sealing both to adapt to the heat bilges cold shrink, prevent mud into again.
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