Equivalent composite insulator pollution laws, composite insulator salt density measurement time High voltage insulator, composite insulator, lightning protection pillar insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-07
Insulator surface in the process of long-term product pollution, experience accumulated dirt ( Winter) — — Cleaning ( The rainy season) — — Sludge deposition ( Winter) — — Wash again, The rainy season) . . . This cycle, the surface salt density increasing. Through several years can achieve dynamic balance state, the state can be regarded as saturated salt density value of salt. According to the result of salt of test data and statistics over the years and experience, transmission line insulator string product pollution from every September began to gradually increase, around march to 2 years before the rainy season to *, this paragraph of time is the product of insulator pollution stage, due to the spring and summer rain washed after salt close down, until dry autumn insulator string product process starts all over again. ( 1) In the product cycle, the accumulation of insulator surface dirt by two rate increase: in the initial stage of rapid growth of insulator surface pollution, In the late product pollution insulator surface area of slow growth. By the composite insulator string product pollution law of change over time, as long as the product of insulator string at the beginning of the dirt, measure the line of salt density value, and then on the basis of insulator string sludge deposition rate, determine the line insulator string on possible * great salt is more than salt guhya control values, can determine whether or not the line need cleaning. Indicate that: ( 1) Test time appropriate choice in each year at the end of October to early November. Reason is: (1) the period of high voltage insulator pollution has been the product of a brief initial accumulation process, the measurement data with strong representative; (2) such as measured data after calculate likely outweigh the line of salt density control values can apply for electricity in time, so that in the salt components cleaned before; (3) overhead transmission lines in time the pollution flashover accident mainly concentrated in the end of November 2, 3 months to 2 years. ( 2) * great salt density value of insulator pollution appeared during the period of * great salt deposition in dense value if in a stable environment and climate conditions below the salt close control values for a long time, for saturated salt density value, namely the line cleaning cycle can be appropriately extended; If the value is greater than the control values, salt insulator pollution flashover probability will soar. 【 On a message: the main equipment for transmission lines, insulator in the application of transmission lines 】 【 The next message: insulator salt density measurement method, equivalent high voltage insulator, composite insulator 】
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