Equivalent salt density measurement method in detail High voltage insulator, composite insulator, post insulator, suspension insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-03
Insulator equivalent definition of salt density: soluble salt in filth equivalent adhered on the surface of the insulator for NaCl quality distribution density, the unit is mg/cm2 ( Milligrams per square centimeter) 。 Complete test steps ( With YM3200 direct-reading salt density instrument as an example) 1, sampling using dedicated wet gauze or cotton wool to wipe the surface of the insulator, every piece of insulator is generally 2 - wiping Three times to wipe clean for the principle to the insulator surface. The sample fabric or cotton wool in deionized water. Hint: ( a) When the insulator string not down, but it must be in power failure after wiping the insulator can be loaded valve bag, promise not to waste solution. After being back to the studio to dissolve the sample. ( b) When the insulator string has been removed, please pay attention not to sample * * a and the Numbers on a piece of insulator, because in the insulator string from the process of high voltage towers down, these two pieces of the filth of the composite insulator surface easy to damage, may affect the measurement result. 2, dissolved solvent: it is recommended to use deionized water or distilled water, is unconditional can also use ordinary tap water. But with conductivity is less than 100 us/cm water is advisable. Usage: standard type high voltage insulator every piece of water consumption in 300 ml. But when measured hv insulator surface area with the conventional type insulator is not at the same time, based on the insulator surface area size in proportion to the appropriate increase or decrease in water consumption. The sample fabric or cotton wool into configured solvents. 3, * time measurement: test the conductivity of the solvent, and the electrical conductivity is set to the basic value ( See note function) ; After measurement results will be automatically minus the benchmark, is conducive to improve the measurement precision and reduce the requirement of solvent. This step should be carried out before in the sample fabric. Measurements: again using the above wet gauze or filter paper will filth on the surface of the insulator to wipe clean, then puts it into the water. Electrodes immersed in the test solution, using electrodes stir gently, test solution stability for a period of time ( About 2 minutes) Can be read after electrical conductivity, salt and temperature measurements. 【 On a message: equivalent composite insulator pollution laws, composite insulator salt density measuring time 】 【 Next message: low voltage line guy: why do you want to install insulator 】
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