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by:Mings     2020-05-25
Custom wound transformers take into consideration needs like thwarting capacitance that enhance the primary and secondary winding linkage causing a higher frequency sound or increase of energy voltage levels from one stage to another through induction of electrical energy from one winding to another. These custom wound transformers often utilize unconnected bobbins on both coil windings in which the windings are only wound on top of each other with insulation in the middle. The purpose of opposing the interference caused by ground loops and minimization of the coupling of the coils is served by this kind of isolation. Custom wound transformers have to be used wherever you need to separate the source of the power from the actual user or device while maintaining the supply of current from one circuit to another. Power spikes are one of the main threats to sensitive electronic equipment. An isolation transformer which may or may not be a custom wound transformer helps to ensure that the electrical system is fully protected against transients. You certainly need to have voltage stabilizing equipment to protect against sudden surges or drops in voltage which can damage or even put sensitive devices out of order. Just remember that custom wound transformers have more applications than in medical isolation transformers. Whatever be the industry you need it for - aerospace, railways, general electronics or test equipment - get in touch with a reliable manufacturer.The transformer lamination or coating of shellac, enamel or varnish is to insulate adjacent turns from shorts between winding. Power distribution transformers may include highly efficient amorphous metal core transformers, package substations, battery chargers, switchgear and associated electrical equipment.
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