Fire prevention measures that something cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-02

small make up in the first in this paper, we have to made a lot of knowledge of cable accessories and material components, in this article, small make up to concentrate on the fire prevention measures of cable accessories.

attachment cable fire prevention measures have the following:

attachment cable fire prevention measures a: prevent overload operation. Cable load running, general should not exceed the rated load; If the overload operation, should strictly control cable overload running time, so as to avoid fire load fever caused by cable.

attachment cable fire prevention measures of the two: staff need regular patrol inspection, measure the air temperature in cable trench and cable temperature regularly, especially should be prepared for large capacity of power cables and cable connector box temperature record. By examining the processes the defects in time.

attachment cable fire prevention measures of the three: must be selected to meet thermal stability condition of the cable. Choose the cable in the case of normal, need to meet the rated load over a long period of heating requirements; In the case of short circuit, but also to meet the short-term heat stability, try to avoid overheating cable resulting in a fire.

attachment cable fire prevention measures of the four: very important point. Staff need to periodically to repair and test of cable, according to the regulation and the actual situation of cable operation, repair and test of cable should be periodically, so that we can discover the latent fault and deal with the defects, guarantee the safe operation and avoid the cable fire. When workers enter the cable tunnel, test/repair work or channel. Should comply with the relevant regulations of the electrical safety work procedures.

attachment cable fire prevention measures of five: must comply with the relevant provisions of the cable laying, everything should be in accordance with the regulations for installation. Cable when in should as far as possible away from heat source, to avoid and steam pipeline parallel or cross; Prohibit parallel cable across the radiation in heat pipe above or below; Aerial cable laying, there should be measures to prevent the influence of heat pipe heat insulation. Between cable laying, cable, cable and power between the pipe and other pipe, cable and roads, railways, buildings etc. The distance between parallel or cross shall meet the provisions of the regulations. In addition, when the cable laying should have waveform of redundant, stops to prevent winter cable contraction produce too much tension so as to damage the cable insulation.

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