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by:Mings     2020-05-27
Houston colocation centers house and manage the IT infrastructure for many businesses. These facilities offer a wide variety of services to meet all of a company's needs. When choosing a Houston colocation center, a company needs to consider several features. These include security level, network connectivity, fire suppression systems and the availability of dedicated office space. Perhaps most importantly, colocation center must be able to provide continuous power and the proper operating environment. Power Generation and Backup Colocation centers must have redundant power resources. These ensure that in the event of failure of one source, a backup resource comes online and is activated. At Houston colocation centers, power requirements are customizable. Companies should to consider these factors: Power outages mean significant downtime. Downtime costs money and customers. Therefore, it is imperative that the colocation center offers several options to meet a company's continuous core business needs. Why is Customizing Power Important? Most colocation centers can customize power options. When a company chooses to customize, it can choose the sources and the redundancy of the supply. Monitoring it is also important. Based on whether a company rents an entire rack or an entire cage, it has the ability to have different power distribution units. Service providers of colocation in Houston have separate areas for power equipment. This power equipment is removed from where the servers are located. Different options for a power distribution unit (PDU) are: Cooling Systems Colocation centers houses IT equipment for many customers. Servers generate a large amount of heat, which can damage the sensitive equipment and even result in fire. Both of these problems result in downtime and need to be avoided. In order to maintain an ambient temperature, appropriate cooling systems are in place at Houston colocation centers. Multiple and customizable cooling systems are provided at Houston colocation centers. These ensure that even if one system is down for maintenance, another one can fill in. This way, there is no impact on the cooling of the machinery, and performance is maintained. Colocation centers at Houston employ special water lines encased in concrete to ensure minimal weather impact. Chilled water pumps, towers and chillers are used to provide concurrent maintainability. Houston colocation centers provide flexibility and customization of power and cooling systems per a business' requirements. Businesses need to consider these aspects while choosing a colocation center.
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