For customers consuming large amounts of power

by:Mings     2020-05-26
Peak demand management, also known as demand side management, will not decrease the total amount of power used, but rather smooth the usage curve as to lessen the strain on power production systems. As such, there is size of infrastructure needed with power plants and power distribution. With uneven power consumption, there will be a large amount of unneeded and wasted infrastructure in place. In certain jurisdictions, there exist peaking power plants which are only used during times of excessive demand. These plants generally burn natural gas, diesel fuel or petroleum based products and are generally less efficient than baseline power plants. One way to reduce the usage of these power plants is to minimize the peak demand. This can be done manually or with a control system. EG Energy Controls has a system which can handle this task. The DemandMiser is an industrial grade Maximum Demand Controller with intelligent load shedding abilities. It features fully customizable load limits as well as notifications and alerts for data management. Not only will it conserve energy and money, but will be able to quantify the benefits exactly and in any way imaginable. Graphically, numerically; the DemandMiser does it all. This system allows one to take advantage of various incentives to reduce load. The most obvious of these is the reduction of the peak demand charge, which for large facilities can end up being 50% of the total electrical bill. Some utility companies set power costs for an industrial customer based on peak demand while some offer rebates on commitments to reduce consumption during periods of high demand. This is sometimes referred to as negawatts. Negawatt is a term coined by Amory Lovins, Chairman and Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute. The unit is measured in Watts and is essentially the opposite of a Watt. Rather than representing power consumed, it represents power saved. This concept allows for the introduction of a secondary energy market, one in which energy is traded from areas of low consumption to areas of high consumption. This would require a shift in energy policy and attitude, as well as the development of a new business structure based on negawatts. In the meantime, companies and industries may reduce their demand costs through usage of systems such as the DemandMiser. Energy conservation is beneficial for industries and utilities, transmission lines and machinery.
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