General maintenance measures of insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-07

in view of the common faults in the insulator, should have to maintain the insulator for timely and effectively.

suffered lightning flashover insulator is the main reason of the dry arc distance is shorter, equalizing ring single-ended configuration, and resistance to exceed bid, maintenance prevention, should use the stretched composite insulator, installed double equalizing ring, and reduce the tower grounding resistance, etc.

in order to effectively prevent the sound, run the unit should be in often occur on the lines of the sound, increasing the number of every bird net, needle and install the shield, etc.

for the equalizing ring line, equal size umbrella skirt structure should be adopted, the distance between the umbrella should meet the technical requirements, does not meet the requirements, the need to add insulator climb piles, reduce the ice flashover accident, at the same time should also strengthen patrol inspection, periodic surveillance of insulator, different regions, different environment on the tension, electrical properties and insulation aging test.

in order to prevent polluted flashover, should be regular cleaning the insulator, filth in severe area, should increase the cleaning frequency.

increase the creepage distance, improve the level of insulation, insulator manufacturer remind you can also use dust insulator, antifouling effect is relatively good, or it is dustproof coating daub on the insulator surface, improve the insulator pollution resistance.

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