General zinc oxide lightning arrester is how to work

by:Mings     2020-05-20
Working principle of zno arrester: under the rated voltage, the current flows through the zinc oxide lightning arrester valve plates is only to 10 - Below 5 a, equivalent to an insulator. Therefore, it can not spark gap to isolate working voltage and the valve plate. When the effect on the metal zinc oxide lightning arrester voltage beyond fixed value ( Starting voltage) , valve plates' conduction into the large current through the valve slice, the residual pressure at this time is no better than the pressure equipment is maintained, reached the maintenance plan. Then, when the work voltage has dropped below action voltage, the valve automatically terminate 'conduction state, restore the insulation condition, therefore, the whole process does not exist the problem of arc extinguishing and extinguishing. Zinc oxide lightning arrester operation knowledge and pay attention to matters, structure, general 220 kv level of zinc oxide lightning arrester to apply 2, 1 110 kv with string. Zinc oxide lightning arrester and insulating base * is at the bottom of the insulating porcelain jacket ( Using a large porcelain cover or use four each small porcelain set) 。 Zinc oxide lightning arrester with a wire from the bottom to the earth, a series of leakage current meter, to monitor the lightning arrester valve piece of insulation condition. Arrester shielded wire connected into arrester porcelain jacket skirt edge at the end of the level, with a wire connecting the earth, the role is to make porcelain jacket looks conductance current does not enter the leakage current meter, the leakage current meter measurement more accurate. The most common abnormal anatomy and disposal: leakage current meter to zero. May be the reason of this phenomenon are: meter indicates failure; Shielding wire will ammeter short sub. Disposal method is: can take meter stuck with handle gently, unable to recover, should add the lack of a single, repair or change. With the g bar will be shielded wire and lightning arrester conductive and partial touching pick to open, can return to normal.
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