Glass insulator have good mechanical properties

by:Mings     2020-07-07

we quoted on glass insulator has excellent dielectric properties, it also has good mechanical properties.

insulator manufacturer production experience for many years to tell you that in fact the tensile strength of insulator is important in the insulator and mechanical properties.

in the mass production of insulator, fully obtained without microstructure defect of insulator is impossible. When the insulator under mechanical strain, each defect ( Such as micro cracks) Will be expanded, and led to the decrease of the mechanical function of the insulator and even failure. Based on this, to undertake steel processing vitreous can solve this problem.

when vitreous pressure molding is still in the high temperature state, through the cold air blowing vitreous surface controlled, plummeted, resulting in a homogeneous prestressed, make vitreous interior due to due to shrinkage, internal tension, the tension make vitreous surface appeared a permanent compressive stress. Because the compressive stress is very big, About 250 mpa) Enough to prevent surface micro crack formation and propagation. The porcelain insulator is surface compressive stress, its mechanical performance decreases with the propagation of the crack. Experiment showed that the tensile strength of porcelain is only 39. 23 MPa, the tensile strength of toughened glass is up to 88. 26 MPa。

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