Glass insulator have what performance

by:Mings     2020-07-05

the application of glass insulator is also very wide, it is closely connected with its good dielectric properties, insulator manufacturer small make up to you to introduce what is dielectric properties?

dielectric performance refers to the medium under the effect of electric field in the electrical properties.

the stand or fall of insulator insulation and insulation of internal molecular structure has much to do. The amorphous structure of glass and there is no fixed melting point compound silicate, compact structure, uniform texture, produced in continuous production process easy to control.

SiO2 constitute the skeleton of a glass, other oxide fill in skeleton, and linked by chemical bond, the interaction is big, not easy to be electric field polarization, show the great inertia, is the ideal insulation material. Toughened glass insulator made use of the properties, its resistance to lightning impulse voltage value for porcelain insulator 3. Eight times.

here refers to the aging electrical aging performance, under the action of the dielectric in electric field for a long time, some physical and chemical changes gradually and irreversible degradation in the medium, eventually led to the breakdown of medium. And toughened glass insulator has good anti-aging properties, according to the French plug deauville company to Malaysia 132 kv transmission line insulator tracking test running for 27 years later, the mechanical and electrical properties have no obvious change. Compared with the use of porcelain insulator, after running for a period of time, the mechanical and electrical performance significantly decreased.

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