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by:Mings     2020-07-03
< P> report from our correspondent ( Reporter Liu Meng correspondent Dan Cheng Jinxi xin-sheng zhao) In high voltage on the shelf, we often can see like a glass bowl rings hanging on the wire and bracket, this is the glass insulator. Recently, the nanjing electrical disc hanging glass insulator, developed the dc will be mainly used for high-voltage direct current transmission, after the production for the national electric power network, the implementation of the 'China' and other projects to provide equipment support. < / P> < P> < / P> < P> it is known that the main function of glass insulator is in the high pressure and ultra-high voltage ac and dc transmission line and suspension wire insulation. According to the nanjing electric ( Group) Limited liability company general manager shen qirong introduction, the company independent research and development of the creepage distance 550000 cattle dc USES the umbrella plate modelling technology, glass insulator creepage distance is 650 mm, 670 mm and 710 mm at three levels, for the same products the most of the world. Company staff said, the creepage distance is the most important decision glass insulator insulation standards, 'if the creepage distance between the two devices is short, it is easy to pull arc, serious and even breakdown of glass insulator and other equipment. 'It is understood that due to electricity and power lines long exposure to the outside, easily infected with dirt, grease, after extension, new type of glass insulator creepage distance can effectively prevent pollutants scattered because of the shock on the device, namely' flashing 'phenomenon. 'The design of umbrella disc also guarantee the material resistivity's rise. 'The staff said. < / P> < P> according to shen qirong, due to China's energy and electricity load distribution is not balanced, the rapid growth of electricity demand, in addition, east China, the national network engineering, such as ultra-high pressure, uhv power transmission and transformation equipment demand is also growing fast. Compared to the previous communication transmission, high voltage dc transmission has become the development direction of the long distance transmission, 'it's transmission capacity is big, long conveying distance, a dc project transmission capacity of more than 300 kw, can send up to 2000 kilometers, which is to the development of the power grid in our country. 'Shen qirong said. As a result, 550000 cattle large dc glass insulator creepage distance of r&d and industrialization, for dc transmission line construction, combined with the crucial one annulus. < / P> < P> the author: Liu Meng Dan Cheng Jinxi xin-sheng zhao < / P> This article source: nanjing newspaper net - Nanjing daily)
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